Meet Mike … Mike is our first point of contact for everything to do with our China Production. Rowie has built a great relationship with Mike who is always happy to answer any questions we may have, and always eager to assist in improving our line of production. This may be through fibre suggestions, ensuring the support and high-standards levels of the factories, and having these requirements credited.

We feel strongly about a partnership with factories that share the same values as us.

Our China factories are committed to producing high quality garments for our collections, whilst looking after their employees and continuing to strive for ethical solutions. Both family run business, where employees are supported and job opportunities are provided to disadvantaged members of the community, we believe this team aligns with our ethical values.


We have a mutual understanding with all our factories for the need and want to continue and improve our ethical journey and how important this is to us.We are supporting each other in the process of moving forward – this movement takes time and were both doing our part to make positive steps.


ROWIE The Label is excited for this opportunity to produce in China which allows for more access to quality fabrics and new possibilities of moving towards a wider range of sustainable fibres.