Galentines is the new Valentines! Gal pals Alex and Anrielle have us inspired.

No plans as of yet? We’ve got you sorted!

There isn’t much that beats starting the day with a sunrise stroll along the beach. Feeling creative? Take your camera, wear something that makes you feel amazing, and get some fun snaps of each other and the beautiful surroundings! Even better if you are a bit awkward… you will end up laughing – a lot.

A yummy brekkie can never go astray. Choose a spot you both love, and order exactly what you’re craving. Pancakes? A juice AND a chai? Treat yourself, it is Galentines after all. No regrets!

Check out any Farmers Markets that may be on in your area, you’ll be surprised how many places hold them. There’s always coffee, and you’ll walk away with super fresh products, feeling fantastic that you have supported the locals!

If you’re both feeling a little more adventurous, a mini Airbnb getaway may be exactly what you’re after. Lots of places do accept bookings for one night, and there are plenty of options that won’t break the bank. Take some delicious goodies for a platter, settle in with a classic Romcom on Netlfix, and get ready to giggle the night away!

Lots of love Kirsty! xxx

| Alex wears Minka Set, Stone Jumpsuit & Chloe Mini | Anrielle wears Pania Mini, Jessie Mini & Jana Dress |