Come along as we explore the mesmerising, historical streets of Mexico where we shot the MAYA Spring ‘19 collection.

Come along as we explore the mesmerising, historical streets of Mexico where we shot the MAYA Spring ‘19 collection. From stunning ruins to golden beaches, our Spring ‘19 Collection was shot amongst the enchanting beauty of Mexico. Historical beauty appeared on every corner as we set up shot amongst the palm trees, pastel streets, and occasional truck-full of watermelons. Take a look at some of the Behind the Shot moments captured below…

The rugged streets, textured walls and charming details (such as the colourful street flags) made the perfect backdrop for our colourful Spring collection.

The vibrant collection was a match-made-in-heaven with our surroundings. The contrast and combination of colours in this cheerful and charming city brought the MAYA designs to life.

Beautiful moments amongst the dreamy palettes.

Spontaneous moments were aplenty as we danced to a mariachi band, encountered natural wonders, friendly faces, and revelled in the glory of it all. Historical, natural and cultural treasures all equally beautiful, the possibilities were endless…

Got the Shot.

Free-spirited travel at its best, MAYA is an ode to warm, (and warm it was..) carefree days and the road less-traveled — perfectly captured in this picturesque, yet peaceful city. We left with smiles as wide as our face, in awe of this beautiful place and rich, vibrant culture. Wherever MAYA takes you this Spring, it’s sure to be a memorable one.

Muse | Brooke Perry
Photography | Wade Edwards
Hair & Makeup | Angie Barton
Stylist | Marisa Sidoti
Art Direction | Rowie Moore
Creative Direction | Maya Edin